When we have a good balance between thinking and feeling… our actions and lives are always the richer for it.  — Yo-Yo Ma.

Many of us are feeling the world crumble around us.  Political and social unrest are everywhere, and we watch as our cultural and spiritual values are assaulted from every direction.  Large forces are at work to undermine and divide us from our spiritual wellbeing.  We are constantly challenged to maintain our balance and maintain our grasp on what we know to be true.

Yo-Yo Ma

This site offers a resource to truth seekers, activists, and spiritually questing  individuals that do not accept “the world as it is” and know that a better world can exist.

The “disorders” (see menu) are problems we’ve all encountered one time or another, and share in our common humanity.   Our “treatment” page provides an Rx for the many dilemma’s  and existential crises that we will encounter along the way.  Our goal is to remind us that we are not alone during our brief journey here on earth.

Stay tuned to this site as we continually update new methods and techniques to help us maintain our sense of self  and keep our roots firmly planted in a highly unbalanced world.  Many relevant articles and other forms of media will constantly be added here as they are referenced or discovered.

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for our time within time.