BRAIN DOMINANCE extreme left severe left moderate left slight left BALANCED slight right moderate right severe right extreme right
POLITICAL SPECTRUM reactionary, fascist right wing right wing conservative centrist,moderate leftist socialist communist anarchist incoherent or non-political
EXAMPLE Iraq, Saudi Arabia USA 2025 USA 1970-current USA 1776-1970 Denmark Norway Cuba The Stapleton Colony (community) nonexistent
GOVERNMENT totalitarianism, oligarchy fascism, inverted totalitarianism, oligarchy hyper-capitalist corporatocracy representative democracy social democracy socialism communism anarchism a-political
POLITICAL ICON King George, Joseph Stalin Benito Mussolini, Trump? Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama Roosevelt Romano Prodi Tony Benn Lenin Mahatma Gandhi extreme right hemisphere people aren't interested in politics
SOCIAL PARADIGM schizophrenic, authoritarian, psychopathic, despise artists and intellectuals, war-mongers rigid, uncompromising, patriarchal, God complex, amoral, sexist, war-mongers, despise artists and intellectuals, unimaginative self-assured, self-centered, unfeeling, sociopathic, neoliberal, dogmatic nervous, ambitious, competitive, distant, impersonal, colorless, cautious disiplined, honest, ethical, empathetic, self-aware, values, moral compass, work-ethic, resilient egalitarian, idealistic, intellectual, political activist artistic, egalitarian, frugal, intuitive, activist purposeful, disciplined, anti-war, pacifistic, faith-in-self, persistent, truthful, living in present, anti-authoritarian, emotional catatonic
RELIGION fundamentalism, evangelicalism, islam, state mandated cults, baptist, christian nationalism catholic, episcopalian methodist, presbyterian unitarian, unity omnist, unitarian agnostic, atheist eastern religions, pantheism You talk to God, you're religious. God talks to you, you're psychotic.
ART No interest in art nationalistic, Sabo, Thomas Kinkade art that can be commoditized Winslow Homer Diego Rivera Roberto Montenegro Richard Correll Carlo Carra sees vivid images but can't express them
MUSIC No interest in music nationalistic, Wagner commercial, Kenny G., Justin Timberlake, Backstreet Boys Pete Seeger, Beatles Bob Dylan, Beethoven Bach, Janise Joplin, Grateful Dead folk music Stockhausen, Metallica, punk rock hears own music