UnDreamed – CD

The Wilson Bros./Shrink Wrap strike again with a  highly unique and engaging CD titled UnDreamed.   Ambient/trance/world/electronica combined on occasion with acoustic instruments.

Sadly our sonic sphere is overloaded with a plethora of  Styrofoam,  prefab “music”.   This does considerable damage to our right brain hemispheres.  In response/defense, the Wilson Bros. would like to do what they can to balance out the ledger as best they can.  You are welcome to download this album gratis ( just go directly to the “Free Purchase” button below).  However, if you are so moved, please make a donation to help keep our train a rollin’.  The “suggested” donation amounts on the PayPal website are pretty “entertaining”, but hey, who knows, maybe it’s our lucky day!  Otherwise, please enter an amount that you feel comfortable with.  Thank you!