The Unbalanced & Alienated Self

The Broken Man

“Broken Man” is an interactive Web App that demonstrates the effects of brain dominance in our cultural and geo-political landscape.  This exercise helps the user to realize he/she is not to blame for feeling alienated.  The society you are in has a huge influence on how you function and how you feel.  See what happens when you change your social/political/cultural paradigm by moving the slider.  Travel often.  First explore the Broken Man App.  Click on the image to activate.
If you would like to see the entire Broken Man table all at once, CLICK HERE.  You can then view, download, or print for further study.
Move the slider left and right.  Think about what the table on the right side of the screen is saying.  Realize you are not the cause.  Don’t blame yourself.! Travel to other countries often!

The Exist-O-Gram

The “Exist-o-Gram” – We only know life via our roots in “non-time” (death), from which we came, and to which we return.  This interactive web app enables the user to navigate the “existential tree” to see how various existential forces influenced and continue to influence his/her choices in life.

The “Exist-o-Gram” helps you to ID the causes of your stress and anxiety.  Follow the threads of each “bubble”, to ID the roots of your affliction.   PS: Remember, you are not alone.!