Our Culture is the Trash Fire at the End of the World We Need a Real Culture — Not this Garbage Fire of Superheroes, Influencers, and Pornification

et me make that formal. We need a culture that can bring all those Existential Threats to life for us in vivid, unflinching ways. A functioning culture, at this junction in human history, must help us understand our Existential Threats at a cognitive level, really see them at a human, foresee them at a sociopolitical level, process them at an psychological level, and feel their pain, grief, and despair at an emotional level.

A culture like that can help us make sense of the Age of Collapse we now find ourselves in. But like I said, for most of nothing much makes sense anymore, precisely because our culture is garbage. It doesn’t help us make sense of anything. So what does it do? What is its purpose, its function, as a classical sociologist like Durkheim might ask?