JR Wilson


  • Denison University –  psychology (major), philosophy and religion (minor)
  • Boston University, School of Fine and Applied Arts –  majored in music composition and theory.  Bachelor of Music Composition.
  • Temple University, Music Dept. –  graduate level studies in music composition.  Liaison to Princeton University’s Electronic Music Laboratory


  • Composer/performer for numerous past and ongoing music/multi-media projects (see below)
  • Managed a number of large scale IT and art/music related projects
  • One Mind Media (publishers) – Editor
  • International Opera Theater

Compositions and Multi-Media

I always loved jazz, and played in jazz groups long before I enrolled in undergraduate music school.  But my mother was an accomplished classical pianist, so she taught us kids (4 of us) to appreciate that genre as well. So, I am:

  • an acousmatic new music composer when I compose,
  •  and a modern jazz performer when I perform.

Since my music/video productions have taken on a very unique character I have created a new genre for myself called “New Music Cinema”.  They are contained within a playlist with the same name on my YouTube channel.

Discography (link)

NOTE:  All albums up to the “ABOUT OMM” block are composed and produced by JR Wilson.  After that, I either collaborated on the composition and/or performed on the album tracks. 

Multi-Media (link)

NOTE:  My YouTube channel is easiest to navigate if you use the “playlist” view.  

Recent Releases

SONGS FROM OUR FATHERS – a new music cinema production by JR Wilson

THE AVATAR – a new music cinema production  by JR Wilson

THE PURGE – a new music cinema production  by JR Wilson

Screenshot from JR Wilson’s “The Avatar”

Research & Teaching

Inventor of “The Adagio Peace Machine” (pictured below), a tool used to activate the right hemisphere of the brain  (abstract of research and more information HERE).


The Adagio Peace Machine is used in teaching music, music therapy, and musicology.

Papers and Publications

ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9316-3965

Philosophical Influences

Themes from these philosophical/spiritual paradigms show up often in my New Music Cinema productions, such as Songs From Our Fathers

Tools and Equipment

  • 2 PC laptops, 1 Dell Optiplex 9020 desktop
  • Software:
    • Cubase Pro 11 – high-end sequencer/DAW  for composition and recording.  Many sound generating modules emulating orchestral instruments,
    • synthesizers, vocals, and jazz instruments.
    • Multiple VST instruments, including SAM brass instruments, Spitfire strings, Ventus winds, Vienna Orchestra package, London Choir,
    • multiple grand pianos, Opera Voices, etc.
    • Band in a Box – composing tool and backup group generation.  Great for teaching theory, composition, and learning jazz  improvisation.
    • Ableton Live 9 Suite – sequencer with emphasis on use in live performance
    • Acid Pro 6 – composing tool using samples
    • MuseScore3 – lead-sheet formulation and scoring
    • Vegas Pro 10 – video/multi-media software
    • Jamey Aebersold leadsheets and jazz play-a-longs
  • Instruments & Electronics:
    • Tenor and Soprano sax (Selmer Paris)
    • Yamaha WX5 wind MIDI controller
    • M-Audio Hammer 88 | 88-Key Hammer-Action USB MIDI Keyboard Controller
    • M-Audio Keystation 49es – small, 49 keys,  very portable MIDI keyboard
    • 2 mixers
    • QSC K12 PA Speaker; 2000w, 12″
    • MIDI and audio interfaces
Screenshot of the Cubase Pro DAW software
Screenshot of the Vegas Pro Video Editor
My Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) centric music studio.

Professional Memberships & Associations


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