The Division of the Brain – Elephant in the Room for Neuroscience

Dr. McGilchrist describes current thinking on left/right brain hemisphere laterality. Dr. McGilchrist suggests to us that historically, western culture achieved a balanced hemisphere state during several periods; the Augustan period in the 6th century B.C., and in Europe during the 15th and 16 century. 

But since that time western culture has become dangerously unbalanced.  This imbalance has resulted to our current global crisis; perpetual war, rising poverty and inequality,  corruption in politics, bureaucracy, the climate crisis, alienation from self and others, alienation from nature, social collapse, meaninglessness, increasing suicide rates, the surveillance state, despair, civil disobedience and riots, just to name a few!  With our current cultural state of left hemisphere dominance, we are careening uncontrollably down the road to imminent disaster. 

This trend MUST be reversed and our cultural  balance restored or the human race faces the very real prospect of omnicide through ecocide, nuclear annihilation, or both.