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Methods encouraged by One Mind Media to install mental and physical balance in our lives.


You’re Only As Free As You Allow Your World To Be

Article by Caitlin Johnstone “The organism’s entirely understandable response to this sense of existential insecurity is to use the human brain’s immense power to create a “me” character whose interests can be looked after using thought and language. From the perspective of the psychological self construct, the world shifts from an ineffable mystery to something …


A Video About the Creative Potential of Flow State

Create, make, and do like never before. Join Logitech’s Head of Design for the MX Series Marcel Twohig to learn methods to tap into the state of flow, get totally immersed in the creative tasks at hand, and forget that time is flying by.


The ‘chip’ in the brain, prior to all other chips Magic spilling over the edges of time, poetry and science by Jon Rappoport

Why isn’t every person acting as a shaper and artist of reality? Why do people rearrange their pasts to omit that self-realization? The ‘chip’ in the brain is: the non-creative. The blind spot in the mind is the uncreative. The false piece of consciousness is: ‘I don’t create.’ So-called Realists want people to pay total …


The Division of the Brain – Elephant in the Room for Neuroscience

Dr. McGilchrist describes current thinking on left/right brain hemisphere laterality. Dr. McGilchrist suggests to us that historically, western culture achieved a balanced hemisphere state during several periods; the Augustan period in the 6th century B.C., and in Europe during the 15th and 16 century.  But since that time western culture has become dangerously unbalanced.  This …